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About Francesca

I am currently a student in New York University’s Master’s Program for Counseling for Mental
Health and Wellness.

Prior to pursuing this degree, I obtained a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology from
Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. I then proceeded to work as a Criminal Mitigation
Specialist at a Public Defender’s Office where I interacted with individuals who were involved in
the criminal justice system and who often times struggled with mental health-related difficulties.
I harbored a desire to pursue a graduate degree in counseling so that I could assume a more
hands-on approach with respect to working with individuals who experience various hardships in
life. My objective as a therapist is to provide clients with a calming environment in which we can
work together to explore different facets of life and engage in a curative journey that
encompasses self-growth.

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Francesca Mastrangelo
Mental Health Counselor

Theory and Philosophy 

As a therapist, I strongly believe that all people are capable of overcoming challenges in their lives and creating better and healthier versions of themselves.

Throughout the therapeutic process, I will serve as a source of support and guidance who will help you to recognize and alter distorted thoughts that contribute to negative feelings and
maladaptive behaviors. Part of the process will also entail the development and re-framing of your story so that you are able to derive a sense of meaning and purpose from this story and
subsequently create an outlook of the future that revolves around hope. It is essential that such a story consists of your achievements and strengths.

My interventions change in accordance with a client’s specific needs and objectives, but such
interventions typically entail mechanisms of cognitive-behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, and a strengths-based approach. Such interventions are geared toward helping clients to become familiar with and utilize different coping skills, to reframe their self-concepts, and to
acknowledge their positive qualities and achievements.


Please Contact me for more information or check out my Services or FAQ pages!

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