Play Therapy

While I practice using a variety of theories and methods, my niche in the therapy world is in Play Therapy. I am working hard to become a Registered Play Therapist (RPT) and have received extensive training in Child-Centered and Cognitive-Behavioral approaches. 

What is Play Therapy?

To learn more about play, contact me or check out the Association for Play Therapy's website.

Play is the language of children, but instead of using words, they use toys and actions. The therapist uses reflections, observations, and sometimes directives to help the child recognize their own emotions and heal.


What I love about play therapy is that it meets the child at their developmental level and provides a safe, familiar space where they can express themselves in the way they know how. 


As with any form of therapy, play is most effective when there is a good rapport and base of trust between the therapist and client. In order to help facilitate that trust, I do a great deal of work with parents so we can help your child take what they are learning home.

Sand Tray

Sand Tray is an exciting new area of study for me. While I am still relatively new to this niche in the field, Sand Tray Therapy has been around for much much longer. This is an area where I am learning more through both training and the experiences of my clients. I work with children, adolescents,  and adults using this modality. 

To learn more about sand, please contact me or check out the Association for Sandplay Therapy's website.

What is Sand Tray?

Sand Tray is a deep kind of therapy that works with symbolism and the subconscious. I like to wait until the third or fourth session to really get involved with sand with a client. 

A great way to look at the sand is as a tool for you to heal yourself. By allowing yourself this safe space, with the therapist as your witness, you create a way for your unconscious to be expressed in a very physical way.

In practice, it involves using a selection of figures to create a scene in the tray. This is typically a quiet session where you can take your time choosing figures and placement that feels right to you. Then we talk a little about the tray and you tell me a little about your creation, only if that feels comfortable. The true therapeutic value comes from creating the scene and arranging the sand to express yourself.​

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