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About Jennifer

Jennifer attended New York University, where she earned her master’s degree in Mental Health and Wellness Counseling. Prior to her graduate work, Jennifer attended Stanford University, where she not only earned her bachelor’s degree in International Relations but was also a four-year scholar-athlete and captain of the women’s soccer team. Following her undergraduate studies, she played professional soccer for the New York Power and then worked in the financial and pharmaceutical industries for nearly a decade. 

Jennifer is currently an educational speaker for the National Alliance of Mental Illness’s (NAMI’s) “Ending the Silence” initiative. This program aims to raise awareness of mental health conditions and encourages early intervention. Research shows that the earlier one seeks the right treatment for their mental health condition, the better their outcome. If you or a loved one shows signs of a mental health condition, seek help from a mental health professional. Find hope. Experience relief. Begin to heal. 

Jennifer Driscoll
Mental Health Counselor
Limited Permit
Theory and Philosophy 

Jennifer views her work as a therapist as a privilege, and she finds incredible joy in this role.


While she leans on a multitude of therapeutic approaches, she believes in using a collaborative approach, working as a team to awaken strengths and challenge distorted thinking, and developing practical tools to obtain optimal mental health.


She meets each of her clients where they are on their respective mental health journey, whether they are experiencing symptoms for the first time, they were previously in treatment, or they are just interested in improving their mental wellness. 


Jennifer received supervised training in substance use counseling at Weill Cornell Medical College, Midtown Center for Treatment and Research.


She is certified in motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.


She has also completed workshops in mindfulness-based stress reduction practices at the Albert Ellis Institute and in TEAM-CBT techniques at the Feeling Good Institute.

My mission as a counselor and educator is to provide a framework for my clients to achieve optimal mental health. Mental wellness, like physical wellness, requires quality care from the right clinician—the right clinician for your unique experiences, challenges, and goals.


Please Contact me for more information or check out my Services or FAQ pages!

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