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About Ashley

I have a Master's in Mental Health Counseling from Mercy College. My passion for mental
health began when I was a high school freshman facing my own obstacles. After
seeing the profound change counseling fostered in me, I knew that I wanted to dedicate my life
to guiding others in the same way.

My goal is to cultivate a strong therapeutic relationship with my clients to provide a trusting
environment where you are free to come as you are. Through our collaboration, I hope to
encourage your self-reflection and desire to reach an overall sense of well-being.

Ashley Vera
Mental Health Counselor

Limited Permit
Theory and Philosophy 

My general philosophy is that every person deserves the opportunity to improve their mental health regardless of their experiences, circumstances, or background.

No matter where you are in your life, I will be there to guide you and support your goals. Whether you are starting therapy for the first time or continuing your wellness journey, I aim to provide an open and welcoming space where you can feel safe and comfortable expressing yourself.

I believe in the importance of exploring both the past and the present through different lenses to
foster understanding and self-awareness. However, the focus will be on the present through
managing unpleasant emotions, reframing unhelpful thinking patterns, navigating life challenges, and identifying other healthy behaviors to improve your quality of life.

I tailor my counseling approaches based on your goals, strengths, and what I learn about you in
the process. I typically draw techniques from cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic,
person-centered, and family systems approach.

Together we will find the tools and strategies that best nurture your self-discovery and growth
according to your personal needs.


Please Contact me for more information or check out my Services or FAQ pages!

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