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About Katie

I am a graduate of New York University's Masters program in Mental Health Counseling. 


Prior to pursuing this degree, I worked as a Pre-k teacher. I am also a hospital volunteer at NYU Project Sunshine and counselor at Double H Ranch. These experiences motivated me to pursue a career where I can provide hope, a safe space and unconditional positive regard for my clients.

Katie Acompora
Mental Health Counselor
Limited Permit
Theory and Philosophy 

My mission as your therapist is to nurture your self-esteem and to be a supportive resource to the families I work with.


I believe in validating your natural strengths and abilities while assisting you in creating wellness goals and opportunities for growth. We all have the freedom and power to experience healing.


We will utilize art, narrative, and play therapy in our work together. I believe that counseling is a collaborative and dynamic process. I also integrate motivational interviewing and solutions-focused counseling techniques.  


I am a member of NYU’s mindful education lab where I practice mindfulness-stress reduction exercises and sensory processing techniques. My future goals are to become an EMDR practitioner and to pursue a PhD in Crisis Counseling.


Please Contact me for more information or check out my Services or FAQ pages!

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