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About Stacy

I attended New York University and have a Limited Permit in Mental Health Counseling. 

 Prior to pursuing this degree, I worked as an elementary art teacher and worked with children and families for thirteen years through the Department of Children and Family Services in Las Vegas, NV. My goal and hope as a therapist is to provide a safe space in which clients have the opportunity to explore conscious and unconscious barriers to achieving their goals and growth.

Stacy Roman
Mental Health Counselor
Theory and Philosophy 

My philosophy as a counselor is that we all have the power and ability to solve and overcome our issues and heal ourselves. My job as a therapist is to provide you the tools and guidance in which to facilitate that growth and healing process.


The focus will surround building upon your exciting strengths to address the difficulties that have resulted in you seeking counseling. I do believe in the value and importance of exploring past experiences, as I do believe our past experiences and circumstance influence our present thoughts and behaviors.


But, in the end, our focus will be the development of strategies to address problematic behaviors, as we do have the means and abilities to change and control our behaviors. 


My interventions are tailored to the specific needs of clients, as interventions need to be as unique as the individual.


To accommodate this modality and facilitate this approach, I utilize mindfulness practices, a person-centered approach to the therapeutic process, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. 


Please Contact me for more information or check out my Services or FAQ pages!

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