About Kiersten

I am a member of New York University’s world-renowned Master's Degree program in Applied Psychology.


Before joining NYU's psychology department, I studied Literature, dance, and art at the undergraduate level, and worked extensively in the non-profit sector. These experiences taught me that supporting the wellbeing of each client includes caring for the healthiness of their personal relationships and communities. I frequently draw from artistic practices to support individual and collective healing. 

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Kiersten Gallacher
Mental Health Counselor

Theory and Philosophy 

The work of caring for the community has been my lifelong commitment and I bring that with me into my work. I view my role as your counselor to be a witness and trust the wisdom and individual timing of every person with whom I collaborate.


Therapy begins with providing unconditional dignity to every client, and I work to expand that positive regard to enable you to build fierce self-compassion. My trauma-informed approach takes two directions—a top-down approach that focuses on how we think and process information and memory, and a bottom-up approach that focuses on embodiment and somatics.


I utilize integrative, culturally competent care, and employ DBT and ACT (successors of CBT), narrative therapy, and family systems therapy. 


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